I'm not always smart

Social media is a community of people taunting to make you feel mediocre but contrary to the projection of everyone's best, the happiest people I know aren't active on twitter. The smartest people either.

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of happy and smart folks on twitter et. al., but majorly, people are trying to put the best foot forward making you wonder if you're dumb. As humans, we're wired to celebrate wins and conceal losses and failure, that projects us to the world as having the "Midas touch", but in contrast, it makes young and ambitious entry-level engineers feel dumb and intimidated.

I took 2 programming tests over the weekend and I failed both of them. I'm not the type to make excuses, but I'd tell you, I'm not always the guy who seems to have a 200 I.Q, sometimes I have the mind of a toddler. I still write code (almost) every day, and when I'm stressed out, a Fibonacci Implementation might take 2hours to write. Even so, it might still not work fine.

I'm not trying to motivate you, but rather don't drown in a low self-esteem. The only competition is against yourself, being better than you were yesterday.