My three favourite youtube channels.

I spend a lot of time on youtube, and yesterday alone I watched over 2hours of videos on youtube. My watchlist is typically anything Engineering, History, Personal Finance, Investment, Marketing, Startups, Management, Programming, comedy and many more. Something I enjoy is, learning every day... this cannot be overemphasized. Yes, I watch movies too on youtube.

Well, today I'll tell you three of my favourite youtube channels. I follow about 60 youtube channels, and there's a whole lot more I watch their videos but don't follow, but let's get down to business.

Limiting my favourites to mention just three is somewhat restrictive, and it'll be hard to do justice, even to myself. But a hack around, I'll just pick one channel in three different categories I love watching.

1. How it's made

This channel remains at the top of this list even though they've really not updated new content in the past 3 years, but if you find the anatomy of mechanical equipment interesting and you're always curious about how things work/how they're made, then this channel is just it for you. As a bonus Learn Engineering is a much more updated channel that analyzes how things work, not just how they're made.

2. Graham Stephan

Someone told me today that

Mastery of sexual urge and financial discipline are two essential factors to forming a man.

Well, financial discipline is a somewhat hard to realize, especially with all the frenzy of showing off on social media. But, learning that material things aren't the things that give happiness and you don't get rich by trying to prove it.

If you're just starting out your career and want to have a long term financial plan, you should consume as much content on financial discipline as you can lay your hands on. But this goes without saying, no single person has all the answers, from anyone always take what you feel is relevant to you.

3. Ronu Creative

I'm a curious person very interested in history, Nigerian history. Ronu Creative is a relatively young channel that discusses a lot of Nigerian history with less bias. As a bonus, TED-Ed has a playlist with a much wider collection of human history among several other topics.

If you found this article useful, share with friends and share your thoughts in the comments section. If you know any other channel worthy of mention, please let's know in the comment section.

Rounding up, one very important video I'd like to share with you as a bonus for reading this to the end is: The Rise of Fake Gurus: The Dark Truth Behind Making MILLIONS from Online Courses.