Save money on airtime recharge


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I'm a software developer and I spend heavily on airtime and data, you'll eventually find out why. I often have an active subscription with multiple internet service providers, and at some point last year October, my monthly internet spending peaked over โ‚ฆ45,000 monthly and with the tips I'm about to share with you, I have saved up to โ‚ฆ10,000 naira in a single month.

NB: This articles are specifically for Nigerians living in Nigeria.

I have a suit of apps I specifically use to achieve this, with each app giving me discounts and offers as high usually around 10% but sometimes even higher.


My productivity is very much dependent on good quality internet because almost everything I do from pulling docker images to deploying code, pushing to git, testing deployments and having meetings would leave me frustrated on Glo network ๐Ÿ˜†. Let's quickly get started.

5. OPay

Who doesn't know OPay ๐Ÿ˜†? For me their glory days are over as they aren't as generous as they used to be and I don't use them so much any more, but they still made it to this list because they somehow still manage to give a 2% discount on airtime purchase. 2% is a good deal, but yanks... There's more where that came from.

Fairmoney which is a loan app with bill payment and airtime recharge functionality was at my disposal for quite a while. We were in a long-standing friendship with the Fairmoney app until March 2020 when they reduced airtime discount from 10% to 3%. It's still a fair deal though, at least better than what OPay offers, but why stay here when you can get more.

By using my referral link you should get 500 discount and so do I.

3. Jumia One

How could I possibly compile this list without JumiaOne... They have been there for me right from the beginning, and though they're not my No. 1 goto choice today, they still have decent offers. Jumia One, now JumiaPay gives you a 4% cashback (note, cashback not discount) on Airtime recharge provided you use the promo code MOB4.

By using my referral link, you get 20% cashback on your first transaction. I get 500 naira too.

2. Palmpay

The most impressive of these apps is PalmPay, their tagline is "Earn rewards for making payments". They give a 10% cashback (note, cashback not discount) on airtime purchase but not without a catch. You can only use your cashback to finance subsequent recharges up to the tune of 50%. It's difficult to explain, but say... You recharged 2000 naira, you'll get 200 palm points cashback after a successful purchase, but you cannot use the entire 200 cashback to buy 200naira airtime without making payment. To use the entire 200 naira, you must either buy a 400 naira airtime and pay extra 200 or use only 100 palm points and pay additional 100naira to buy a 200 naira airtime. If not for this complexity, Palmpay would have been at No. 1.

1. Clubkonnect

This is my No. 1 airtime recharge app. They give an average 5% discount on recharge with the lowest being MTN at 4% and the highest Glo at 7%. ClubKonnect ranks as my No. 1 because it's an outright discount, not a cashback and 7% is a great discount second only to Palmpay.