Best Internet Subscription Deals for Nigerian Developers

Other than the fact that Internet is expensive in Nigeria, and it still sucks, let me tell you a secret: All Nigerian internet service providers have some ridiculously cheap offers that only few are aware of. They rarely advertise them nor are they often found on their default data page. I'll tell you a few tricks I have up my sleeves to get the best data offers.

I'm a practical person, and what guides my value decision for purchasing data on any network boils down to "How much do I pay for every Gigabyte?" and "What extra perks do I get?". The answer to these 2 questions determines the type of subscription I use. In my previous article, I established how I am a heavy data user. For context, I use a minimum of 1GBdaily and my monthly burn is over 100GB 😩 I guess I need to stop streaming. For more context, 100GB should cost you anywhere from 20K up with a 4G router.

The best route for you have in Nigeria is to buy a 4G router most of which are almost free considering the freebies you get with a new router. For example, Airtel gives 110GB for 20,000 naira for the same amount you'd get a new router loaded with free 100GB, and subsequent months, when you recharge 20,000naira, you get 120GB + 1GB daily when you exhaust it.

But of course, not everyone has 20,000naira to spend upfront on internet subscription, that's why I put this list together for good deals under ₦5,000. Personally, I always have an active backup subscription and I cannot just spend ₦20,000 with three different service providers.

Service Provider ValueCost Validity Code

In case you're wondering why Glo is missing above, I'm too... 🤣🤣🤣. But seriously, unless you are really patient and can survive on under 200kbps most of the time... it's not worth it.

If you know any other good value subscriptions, please drop them in the comment section below.